Hoffmann NOA Medical Industries, LLC

noa elite ex

For over 30 years NOA Medical Industries has been a leader in innovating and designing targeted medical beds for the health care industry.

Starting in 1989, NOA Medical began designing adjustable height beds for the Long Term Care market that would meet the unique needs of the aging population. NOA bed models have since grown to include our Elite Bariatric bed, our Elite EX offering an expandable deck both in width and length and our Elite II, offering several added features as standard in the design. Superior product design and function, combined with a competitive price and unparalleled customer service has made NOA Medical a leader in the LTC market throughout the United States and Canada. NOA has since increased our reach to include the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

noa acute care bed

Over the last 5 years NOA Medical has aggressively moved into the design and innovation of Acute Care beds including a full line of Medical/Surgical style hospital beds. Our higher end models offer a patented in bed scale system that include bed exit alarms that tie into most nurse call systems. All models of our Acute Care bed line offer the caregivers and facilities a full range of features to better care for their patients while being sensitive to the budgetary requirements common in all sizes of hospitals and hospital groups.

NOA has expanded our target market to include the Behavioral Health and Prison Infirmary markets, expanding our reach of care to specialty environments that benefit from added safety, quality, and innovation. Our Behavioral Health bed’s unique design has helped to make this bed one of our fastest growing models, with approved safety features incorporated throughout. Our Prison bed model is designed, as well, with safety as a key component in our bed designs.

In 2021 NOA Medical Industries, Inc. was purchased by the Hoffmann Family of Companies, and rebranded as Hoffmann NOA Medical Industries, LLC. The Hoffmann Family of Companies has over 240+ operations worldwide and supports many worldwide charities, arts, and civic organizations.

Hoffmann NOA Medical Industries, LLC has a manufacturing facility, along with a corporate headquarters and showroom, both located in Washington, MO.

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