NOA Medical Industries

The NOA Elite Riser Bed

Elite Riser Bed: Faster and Quieter moves Straight Up and Straight Down, 7.5" to 28"

The NEW NOA ELITE RISER BED swiftly moves from 7.5" to 28" powered by whisper quiet motors. It is lighter than most high/low beds and can be easily moved at any height and in any position. The Elite Riser Bed moves quickly straight up and straight down so there is no horizontal translation, thus eliminating wall scratches or gouges. The new safety lock option on the Elite Riser bed makes it one of the safest beds on the market. The NEW Elite Riser Bed is also available with a wider sleep deck for increased comfort.  


  • High- Low function from 7.5" to 28"
  • Bed goes straight up and straight down
  • Swivel braking casters at all four corners
  • Bed rolls and locks at any height
  • 600 pound safe working load
  • Rectangular rib steel deck sleep surface provides a smooth safe surface, long linen life, excellent mattress aeration, and ease of cleaning
  • Entrapment compliant with properly sized mattress
  • Easy to maintain
  • Faster
  • Quieter
  • 4 year warranty on electronics


 Bed type 76" length 80" length 84" length
bed width 35" 35" 35"
bed width, with side rails 40.0" 40.0" 40.0"
bed width, with assist bars 36.5" 36.5" 36.5"
sleep deck length 76.0" 80.0" 84.0"
overall bed length 80.5" 84.5" 88.5"
deck height range 7.5" to 28" 7.5" to 28" 7.5" to 28"
safe working load 600 lbs 600 lbs 600 lbs

Optional Features

  • Safety Lock for Immobilization
  • Head and Foot Boards
  • Side Rails, ½ Length
  • Full Overbed Trapeze
  • High Impact Plastic head and foot boards-Standard Laminate Colors
  • In-Rail Mounted Pendant
  • Footboard Mounted Staff Control
  • Assist Bar Left, Right and Universal
  • Floor Pad, 2” thick x 2’ x 6’
  • Therapeutic Foam Mattresses

Product Part Numbers

Product Description Product Part Number
Elite Riser 76"x35" 1050007bei
Elite Riser 80"x35" 1050008bei
Elite Riser 84"x35" 1050009bei