NOA Behavioral Health Bed

NOA Behavorial Health Bed

The NOA Platinum Behavioral Health Bed System

The NOA Platinum Behavioral Health Bed System provides a full electric, fully adjustable medical bed with the security features required for the safety of your patients and care givers.

  • Security Enhancements

    Security Enhancements

    • All under bed and bed system wiring is secured and hidden when possible for added safety.
    • Staff controls are embedded in foot end panel providing easy access for clinician. Staff control has lock outs to shut down individual setting/functions. A two-button code can also be used to shut down all functions while not in use. Light flashes when the security code is activated. 
    • Tamper resistant security screws and fasteners throughout the bed system. 
    • Side mattress retainers can be used as security points. 
    • Removable central and directional locking pedals. Can remove all four corners and operate with one pedal to lock bed movement. Pedals can be easily taken off and put on when transport is needed. 
    • HDPE secure deck covering for added safety for patient. Easy to clean and replace. 

  • Standard Bed System Features

    Standard Bed System Features

    • Central and directional locking system with removable pedals
    • Heavy duty head and foot side rail- solid design with larger/deeper rail design. Securely fastened to the bed deck
    • HDPE, high impact head and footboards. Securely attached to the bed for added safety
    • 4 year electronic warranty and 15 year bed, deck, frame warranty
    • Removable power cord

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