Long Term Care Beds and Accessories

Long Term Care Beds

NOA Elite EX Bed
NOA Elite EX Long Term Care Bed

NOA Medical's Elite EX leads the long term care industry in providing a wider, more comfortable sleep deck for residents

NOA Elite II Bed
NOA Elite II Long Term Care Bed

NOA Medical's Elite II rises from a low of 7" to high of 30" and has a safe working load of 600 lbs as standard, along with many standard features.

NOA Elite Care
NOA Elite Care Bed

NOA Medical’s Elite Care is our most cost-effective bed to date. Fully functional with a three-motor system. Designed for your convenience with many standard and optional features.

NOA Elite Riser Nursing Home Bed
NOA Elite Riser Bed

NOA Medical's Elite Riser Bed swiftly moves from 7.5" to 28", is lighter than most high/low beds, and can be easily moved at any height and in any position. 

NOA Twin Elite Riser
NOA Twin Elite Riser

A quality low bed with an extra wide sleep deck for improved resident comfort. The Twin Elite Riser provides a wider, more comfortable sleep deck for those residents who require extra space.

NOA Light Bed
NOA Light Bed

NOA Light quickly rises from a low of 8.5" to a high of 25". The four motors provides your residents with comfort positioning at the head and foot area, as well as height adjustment.

NOA Medical Bariatric Bed
NOA Bariatric Elite Bed

The NOA Bariatric Elite Bed that is reasonably priced and will accommodate virtually all of the Bariatric Bed requirements in your facility or sleep clinic.

NOA Long Term Care Accessories
Long Term Care Bed Accessories

NOA Medical offers many accessories for our long term care hospital beds. Including handsets, side rails, under-bed lighting, casters, headboards, mattresses and much more.

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